The Company produces High Quality plantation white sugar as well as by refining sugar from raw sugar. The sugar produced is at par with International Standards with very low NSR (Non Soluble Residue) value of less than 20 ppm, in different specifications as per the requirements of the customers like

Grade ICUMSA Microns
S-30 100 600
S-30 45 600
M-30 100 1000

Besides meeting the domestic requirements of sugar, the Company exports sugar to various countries.

Industrial Alcohol

In the Distillery Division, the Company produces the following spirits from Molasses, a bye-product in sugar manufacturing process, for industrial purposes:

  • Rectified Spirit
  • Extra Neutral Alcohol / Neutral Spirit
  • Ethanol

Co-generation of Power

The Company generates power by using bagasse as its primary fuel. Coal is used to supplement bagasse or during the off-season.

The aggregate power generation capacity of all three cogeneration power plants is 92 MW as under:

  • Sakthi Nagar Unit - 32 MW
  • Sivaganga Unit - 35 MW
  • Modakurichi Unit - 25 MW

Power generated is sold through IEX and to third parties after meeting the internal requirements.

Soya Products

Sakthi Soyas, a division of the company, produces the following products containing high protein for human consumption by processing soya beans:

  • Refined soya bean oil.
  • Soya nuggets/chunks.
  • Soya granules.
  • Soya flour.

De-oiled cakes meant for cattle feed is also manufactured by the Company.

Bio Compost

Bio-compost, an organic fertilizer and soil improver is produced, by using Bio-earth, a bye product in the sugar manufacturing process.

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