The Mahalingam – Mariammal Manivizha Charitable Trust was constituted in the year 1983 at the Kasturba Gandhi National Memorial Buildings, Coimbatore.

Under the aegis of this trust and with the guidance of Arutchelver, Dr.N.Mahalingam a number of charitable institutions are been run and looked after by Dr.M.Manickam, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Sakthi Sugars Limited and Mrs.Gowri Manickam.

True to the Gandhian Ideals the Institutions situated inside the Kasturba National Memorial Trust are reaching out to more people every day, extending their help to destitute women, children and the socially neglected and down-trodden individuals.

The following establishments are being run by the Trust:

Kasturba Gandhi Oral School for the Hearing Impaired, Varadarajapuram, Coimbatore
Kasturba Gandhi Memorial De-addiction and Rehabilitation and Research Centre, Coimbatore
Kasturba Gandhi Memorial Siddha Hospital and Research Institute, Varadarajapuram, Coimbatore.
Mahatma Gandhi Museum
Suicide Prevention Counselling Centre
Sakthi Thiranalayam (Sakthi Skills Development Centre)

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