Sugar Plants

Sakthi Sugars Limited is one of the largest producers of white crystal sugar in the country accounting for a capacity of 16,500 tons of cane crush per day (TCD).

In coherence with Sakthi Sugars' continued effort to enhance the efficiency of production many initiatives have been put to practice time and again to enrich the quality of production process to unmatched standards. Some such initiatives are listed below,

  • Scientific farming.
  • Continuous R&D in sugar rich, pest resistant and high yielding sugarcane varieties.
  • Mechanization of cane harvesting.
  • Efficient Sugar manufacturing process to reduce sugar loss.
  • Ensuring cleanliness and hygiene at their best in factory sites.
  • Auto Setting Mill facilities.
  • Energy Saving Schemes like planetary gear boxes, Automated cooling and condensing system, vertical continuous pan, etc.,

Unit I - Sakthinagar
Unit II - Sivaganga
Unit IV - Modakurichi

Infrastructure Matrix
Locations Plants
Sakthinagar Sugar,  Distillery,  Power,  Ethanol,  Bio-Earth
Sivaganga Sugar,  Power
Modakurichi Sugar,  Power
Pollachi Soya

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