sugar by-products
Sugar By-Products


Molasses is the by-product separated from 'C' grade sugar during the centrifuging of sugar crystals. The yield of molasses per ton of cane is in the range of 4 to 4.5%. The entire quantum of molasses produced is being used for captive consumption in our distilleries.


Bagasse is the fibrous residue from the sugar cane after extracting cane juice. We produce Steam and Power by using bagasse as fuel for the high pressure boilers in the Cogeneration power plants.

Press Mud

Press mud, the solid waste produced while processing sugar cane is rich in potassium, sodium, phosphorous and organic matters. Press mud is also a base material for producing bio-earth which is done by composting with spentwash, a liquid- waste generated out of distillery operation.

Product Matrix
Plants Locations
Sugar Sakthinagar,  Sivaganga,  Modakurichi
Distillery Sakthinagar
Power Sakthinagar,  Sivaganga,  Modakurichi
Ethanol Sakthinagar
Bio-Earth Sakthinagar
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