Industrial Alcohol

Industrial Alcohol is manufactured from Molasses, viz. super fine quality of Rectified Spirit, Extra Neutral Alcohol / Neutral Spirit and Ethanol are produced by the Distillery Units of Sakthi Sugars Limited deploying advanced multi pressure distillation and multi optional fermentation plants.

The Anhydrous Alcohol (Ethanol) plant which was commissioned in the year 2003 within the Sakthinagar Unit has an installed production capacity of 50,000 Ltrs per day.

It may be noted that because ethanol is blended with petrol, crude oil import is minimized. Hence domestic production of Ethanol can significantly contribute towards saving the foreign reserves of the country.

The Products:

  • Rectified Spirit
  • Extra Neutral Alcohol / Neutral Spirit
  • Ethanol
Specification for Rectified Spirit
Specification for Extra Neutral Alcohol / Neutral Spirit
Specification for Anhydrous Alcohol (Ethanol)

Product Matrix
Plants Locations
Sugar Sakthinagar,  Sivaganga,  Modakurichi
Distillery Sakthinagar
Power Sakthinagar,  Sivaganga,  Modakurichi
Ethanol Sakthinagar
Bio-Earth Sakthinagar
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