Distillery Plant

Sakthinagar Distillery:

Established in the year 1972 it has a distillery capacity of 120 KL per day (KLPD) and Ethanol Plant capacity of 50 KLPD.

It is the largest distillery in the state that produces rectified Spirit, Extra Neutral Alcohol and Ethanol.

The Plant features

  • Continuous fermentation system installed in the unit.
  • PLC based multi pressure distillation system.
  • Best pollution control practice of Bio Methanisation and composting...

Dhenkanal Distillery:

The Dhenkanal Distillery which is located in the state of Orissa was established in 1996 with a plant capacity of 30 KLPD. It also has anerobic digester and composting plant.

Infrastructure Matrix
Locations Plants
Sakthinagar Sugar,  Distillery,  Power,  Ethanol,  Bio-Earth
Sivaganga Sugar,  Power
Dhenkanal Sugar,  Distillery,  Bio-Earth,  Soya
Modakurichi Sugar,  Power
Pollachi Soya

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